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Navigate to Messages, connect > messages to access your Inbox, Sent, Draft, and Favorited messages. 

All messages you send and receive in Inspire will also be sent to the email associated with your Inspire account. You can reply to Inspire messages from your email and they will be shown here. 

Click compose to start a new message. 

New messages can be composed from anywhere you see the message icon in Inspire. 

pop-up modal will appear in which you can enter the following information:

  • Student or group name in the Recipient(s) field

  • Subject line (required field) 

  • Engagement Opportunity (if applicable) 

  • Content of the message to be sent to the selected students

    • Use the personalize dropdown to auto-generate recipients’ full name, first name, last name or preferred name in your message

  • Send a copy of the message to your email 

  • Create an advising note from the message from an individual message. 

Note: When sending a message to a group, a notification will replace the option to create an advising note which reads, "Advising note will not be created because there are multiple recipients.
  • Add an attachment from your computer, library, or URL  

Click Send to complete your message. Otherwise, select Cancel to exit the message process, or Save to save the message as a draft. 

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