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Permission Sets

Permission Sets will appear for partners who have enabled SSO and elected to auto-provision users rather than manually manage user lists. From here, you can create or edit permission sets.

Create a New Permission Set

When creating a new role, you will need to collaborate with your institution’s SSO team to determine the role identifier to be associated with the role and create a new Permission Set. 

  1. From the Permission Sets tab, select Add Permission Set. 

  2. Add the Description and Identifier.

    • Give it a name/description and input the exact role identifier that Civitas should recognize in SSO requests (e.g. Advisor). 

  3. Select the permissions to grant these users.

    • Some permissions are hidden and can only be granted by selecting the application name, followed by the items that appear.

  4. Finally, choose Add Permission Set to complete the process.

Edit an Existing Permission Set

Click the pencil icon to the left of any permission set to modify permissions. 

Make desired alterations and click Update Permission Set to save the selections.

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