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Manage User Accounts

In the Manage Users tab, you can search your user lists using ID, name, email, and permissions, as well as sort based on any of these fields. Currently, there is no capability to download/export a list of all user records. 

Edit and Delete Users

Click the pencil icon to modify an account and the trash icon to remove an existing account. 

Edit Auto-Provisioned Users

Auto-provisioning creates user records in the User Management console just like if you were to manually create one. But they look slightly different (see below). Permissions are greyed out by default and the box “User permissions provided by an external single sign-on service” is checked.

This is useful for when you encounter login issues with an auto-provisioned user; you can inspect the user record that was auto-created in the User Management console to verify that it was provisioned with the correct information and permissions.

If incorrect, you can uncheck “User permissions provided by an external single sign-on service” and change their permissions. You can also adjust their SAML, LTI, or Institution Person ID.

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