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Powerful Predictor Dashboard

Product Update -    Released On - 07/09/19

Earlier this year, we made significant changes to Powerful Predictors, curating down the list of Powerful Predictors to be easier to take action, and introducing category tags to help you better understand which group of factors most affects persistence. We're excited to introduce the next phase of this effort – a Powerful Predictor dashboard, using the category framework, designed to give you a quick sense of what matters for the group of students you're investigating.

Hovering over each category, you can also get a feel for the distribution of Powerful Predictors ranking, and by clicking into each category you get to a ranked list of Powerful Predictors like you see today. In addition to the dashboard, we've further refined the list of Powerful Predictors, removing redundant features and making changes to a few existing ones to be even more intuitive and actionable.

Finally, we've added a video, "Intelligence in Illume," which you'll see the next time you log into Illume (and is available here). This short video is a quick refresher of the intelligence we provide in the tool, which includes Powerful Predictors, and can help you give a quick overview of Illume to other colleagues at your institution.

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