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Add Inspire for Faculty to your toolkit

Add Inspire for Faculty to your toolkit

Integrate Inspire for Faculty into your process as an instructor to better target outreach efforts towards the students most in need of assistance or encouragement.

In working with faculty at many institutions, we’ve learned that these best practices will maximize your time and ensure that the messages you send are impactful and encouraging.

Schedule your use of Inspire for Faculty

  • Access the tool twice a week
    • At the beginning of the week, use Inspire’s email functionality to set goals with students with low engagement and encourage students with high engagement.
    • At the end of the week, review your sections’ average LMS activity trends and follow up on individual students.
  • Review student engagement at pivotal moments
    • Check in on engagement before assignment deadlines to identify students who’ve fallen behind and after deadlines to quickly assess how the deadline affected engagement across the section.
    • Send a bulk email to students with reminders about upcoming exams.

Compose effective student outreach messages

  • Focus on the positive
    • Make your messages personalized and positive.
    • Students react positively to nudges that encourage successful academic and learning behaviors, such as study tips and supplementary readings.
  • Tailor your message to term timeline
    • Reinforce expectations and link to institution resources early in the term.
    • Apply your knowledge of students’ unique situations to tailor your support mid-term.
    • Remind students of available make-up opportunities late in the term.

Combine Inspire’s engagement data with your knowledge of student behavior

  • Consider student engagement in context
    • Student engagement is a relative measure. A student may engage with online activities at a constant rate, but his or her engagement score may shift as the section’s average level of engagement shifts. This is expected behavior as the term progresses.
    • Pay attention to trends in LMS factors for each individual student and use those trends to guide the messaging you send.
  • Recommend successful learning habits outside of the LMS
    • Only you know what resources are available beyond the online course material that have led to course success in the past.
    • Use your institution-specific insight and the Inspire messaging function to suggest tutoring or review opportunities.

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