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Add Degree Map to your toolkit

As an advisor, integrate Degree Map into your workflow as a way to:

  • Encourage students to take ownership of their degree plans.
    1. Provide Degree Map resources to students during orientation to encourage early planning.
    2. Focus early advising conversations on how students can use Degree Map as they consider future courses and various degree options.
    3. Encourage students to create a term plan as an action item before your next advising appointment with them.
  • Collaborate with students to create term plans to keep them on track.
    1. Emphasize the importance of setting educational and career goals to achieve success. Setting challenging goals is shown to increase an individual’s effort towards the goal and boost the likelihood of achievement.
    2. Spend more time on personalized conversations about the student’s long-term academic and career goals during appointments by working with the student to create term plans in advance of each session.

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