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Target student groups using filters

Filters enable you to narrow down your student population based on specific characteristics. Each filter category has options that define various groups of your student population.

This is the standard set of filters that are included by default when your deployment is complete. Actual filters displayed in Illume Students will vary by institution.


Academic Level

A student’s academic classification as undergraduate or graduate.

Home Campus

A student's home campus (either the campus where the student has most recently enrolled or where the student has enrolled in the most courses).

CollegeA student's academic college. 


A student's current campus of enrollment.

DepartmentA student's degree program or plan normally determines the department they are associated with.


The type of credential the student is seeking (e.g. Associate’s, Bachelor’s).

Degree Program

A student’s chosen degree program.

Start Term

A student's first term of enrollment (e.g. Fall 2014).

Undergraduate Type

Indicates whether an undergraduate student is enrolling as a first time in college student, as part of a dual credit program, as a transfer or transient student, or as a readmitted student.

Full-time vs. Part-time

Indicates whether a student is enrolled full-time or part-time.

Completed Terms

A student's number of completed terms at your institution, where the student was enrolled past the census date and earned a passing grade in at least one course. 

Credits EarnedA student's cumulative count of credits earned across all enrolled terms, including both institution and transfer credits and credits that don't apply towards the student's GPA (e.g. Pass/Fail courses).

Institution GPA

A student's GPA at your institution (displayed in ranges).

Financial Aid

A student's financial aid status as self-pay or as a recipient of various types of financial aid (federal, grant, or scholarship).

Transfer Credit

Indicates the number of credit hours a student has successfully transferred (displayed in ranges).

Academic Standing

A student’s academic standing (e.g. Good Standing, On Probation).

STEM Major

This indicates whether a student’s desired degree is designated as a STEM program as defined by the federal government.


A student’s age in years (displayed in ranges).


A student’s self-identified gender.


Indicates whether a student is of Hispanic or Latino descent.


A student’s race.

Student Modality

Indicates whether a student is enrolled in all on-ground courses, all online courses, or a combination.

Prediction Score

Indicates which persistence group (i.e. Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High) a student’s persistence prediction falls in.

Prediction Percentile

Indicates which quartile of the student population a student’s persistence prediction falls in. If 30% of the student population has Very Low persistence predictions, the lowest 25% will fall into the bottom quartile.

Create custom filters

Your institution may be able to add custom filters to the list of standard filters. If there is a population of interest at your institution that isn't covered within these filters, talk to your institution's Customer Success Manager about adding it as a custom filter. If you are satisfied with an existing filter but you would like to rename it, this can be done by your Customer Success Manager as well.

Custom filters could include developmental education details, additional academic program granularity, appeals information, or any other characteristics of interest as long as the students can be identified in your data.

Save filter combinations

Filter combinations can be saved to quickly apply when you next log in. After adding filters, click the grey save icon in the upper right hand corner. 

Type a memorable name for the filter and click the checkmark button to save it.

The saved filter will appear above your standard list of filters under the Saved Filters header. 

Hover over the saved filter and click the circle icon next to the filter name to make it your Default Saved filter. Click the trashcan icon to delete the saved filter.

Review Active Filters

Selected filters appear beneath the Active Filters heading. Reference these to review what students are currently included in the filtered student group. In this example, the student group includes undergraduate, first time in college students who have completed zero, one, or two terms. To remove Active Filters, click on Clear All and click on the Apply Changes button to see updated results. 

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