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Understand basic student information

Click a student's name to get to his or her profile. You can also get to any student’s profile by clicking his or her name from the student list on your Dashboard. The student profile provides personalized information about each student to increase your understanding of the factors contributing to his or her persistence probability at the institution.

Start by reviewing the information provided on this page as context for the student’s circumstances.

At-a-glance student characteristics

The top of the student profile provides a high-level view of student details, including persistence information and enrollment details for next term.

Persistence Probability

The student’s current persistence probability and his or her corresponding persistence bucket (Very High, High, Moderate, Low, Very Low)

Persistence Change

Shows a change in persistence and how long ago the change occurred

Next Term Enrollment Status

Shows whether or not a student is enrolled for next term and displays the number of courses in which the student has enrolled

If the student is enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses, he or she will have two student profiles. Each profile will show six unique Inspiration & Intervention factors. The factors will be different, as they are determined relative to other students of the same academic level (undergraduate vs. graduate).

If the student has undergraduate and graduate profiles, a link will appear in the upper right corner of each student profile. Click the link to view his other profile.

Student information

Contact information and institution enrollment information are pulled from the Student Information System at your institution. These details are located on the left sidebar of the student profile.

Identifying & Contact Information

The student’s institution-specific identifying information (e.g. student ID) and contact information on file at the institution

GPA (Cumulative)The student's cumulative GPA, as recorded in your institution's Student Information System
GPA (Prior Term)The student's GPA for the most recent term in which they were enrolled in at least one course

Student Level

The student’s academic level: undergraduate or graduate

Student Type

The student’s status: new to the institution or continuing after previous terms of enrollment

Plan, Program, Concentration

Details about the student’s chosen academic track

Home Location

The student’s campus of primary enrollment


The state in which the student’s home address is located


If the student has any current holds affecting his or her ability to register, he or she will have a lock icon to the right of his or her name. Details about the hold(s) will appear beneath the at-a-glance information and to the right of the student information sidebar.

This hold information will be specific to your institution, as it comes directly from your Student Information System. Dismiss the details at any time by clicking the “x” icon in the upper right corner of the notification box. Reference the details at any time by clicking the lock icon next to the student’s name.

Advisor information

Advisor information is also located on the left sidebar of the student profile.

Assigned Advisor

The name of the advisor assigned to the student

Last Contact

The date of the most recent outreach attempt

Last Contacted By

The name of the advisor that initiated contact with the student

Academic Background

Expand the Academic Background section to see details about the student's academic history at your institution.

Review the top panel to see basic facts about the student's earned credits:

Total earned credits

The total number of credits the student has earned.

Transfer credits

The number of credits the student has attempted to transfer. Note that
transfer credits will not appear in the course history list.

Courses retaken & Withdrawals

The number of courses the student has taken and withdrawn from. These courses are distinguished in the course list.

Find a list of the student's courses beneath the overview panel. By default, this list will include only courses the student is enrolled in for the current term. Start by looking at the student's current course details. The number of credits included in the course list is indicated at the top of the list.

  • See the number of credit hours the student is enrolled in this term above the course list.
  • Understand how the student's current course grades compare to section averages.
  • See the student's number of daily LMS logins compared to the section average for daily logins in online courses.
  • Click any faculty member's name to open your email client to send a message to the professor.Sent messages will be stored in your email client and will not be recorded in Inspire for Advisors.

Click the dropdown to the right of the Courses heading to change the list view. Select Future Courses, Full Course History, or any previous term to refresh the list to include details about the student's past or future courses.

  • Course modality is indicated by an icon to the left of the course name. On-ground courses have a corresponding institution icon and online and blended courses have a laptop icon.
  • The student's final letter grades are displayed for previous terms. These grades may be indicative of performance in similar classes in future terms.
  • Courses the student has withdrawn from are included in the term during which they were attempted, but struck through.
  • Courses the student is retaking are indicated with red text.

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