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View the distribution of prediction scores

Recall that institution-specific predictive models deliver persistence predictions for each individual student. View the breakdown of these individual predictions in the Prediction Distribution, located to the right of the persistence predictions for all students and the filtered student group.

The Prediction Distribution only includes students meeting the selected filter criteria. When no filters have been applied, the Prediction Distribution represents the full student population.

Review the left column to see the percentage of active students falling into each persistence prediction bucket: Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, and Very High.

See the number of total students within the filtered student group in the center of the chart. Click this link to access a student list with details about all students in the filtered population, regardless of persistence prediction.

Hover over the name of any prediction bucket to see the number of students with the selected persistence prediction. For example, hovering over moderate updates the student count to 3,018 active students. 

Click any of the prediction bucket names to see a list of current, active students with persistence predictions within the selected threshold.

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