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Faculty - Learning Management System (LMS) Activity

From the Course Alerts screen, faculty can review their course roster and view student activity in the Learning Management System (LMS).  These include the student's current LMS grade relative to peers and the number of unique LMS login days relative to peers

Faculty may use this data to help inform follow-up during checkpoint alert periods or when adding a general alert.

Data Definitions

LMS Grade refers to the student's current grade as recorded in the LMS grade book. The first number listed is the student's in-progress grade in the LMS grade book, and the second number is the average in-progress grade for the students in the same course section. 

This data point will change as the term progresses and additional scores are recorded. Access to this information is dependent on faculty use of the LMS grade book and the LMS provider.

Unique Login Days refers to the number of unique days a student has logged into the LMS since the beginning of the term. The first number listed is the number of days the student has accessed the course in the LMS since the start of the term, and the second is the average number of days of course access for all the students in the course section. 

To reiterate, this information is recorded at the section level and changes are reflected as the term progresses.

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