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Log details about a session or call

You can log details and comments about each advising interaction from the student profile. Use these tools to record and recall details from your conversations with students:

Log Outreach

You can record any type of outreach from the student profile, whether or not it occurred within Inspire for Faculty. The submission options allow you to record robust, consistent details about your interactions to revisit later to see what strategies work best for each student. To record an outreach attempt:

  1. Click the Log Outreach button beneath a student’s contact information. This will open a dialog box where you can select options describing the interaction.
  2. Select all of the relevant options and record any additional comments. This submission will be recorded on the student profile in the Outreach History section.

Outreach InitiatorThe person who initiated the conversation
Outreach TypeThe medium of the conversation (e.g. Phone, In Person)
Outreach ResultThis option will only appear if certain Outreach Types are selected The result of the conversation (e.g. Spoke to Student, Left Voicemail)
Outreach LengthThis option will only appear if certain Outreach Types are selected The length of the conversation in minutes
Reason for OutreachThe motivation for reaching out to the student (e.g. Student Hold, GPA, Inspiration/Intervention factors)
Student Not Enrolling in Next TermAn indicator of a student’s decision not to enroll in the next term
Reason for Not EnrollingThis option will only appear if Student Not Enrolling in Next Term is checked The reason a student is not enrolling next term (e.g. Financial, Personal)
Topic DiscussedThe topics that were discussed during the conversation (e.g. Academic, Personal)
Recommendation or Referral MadeThe recommended action suggested during the conversation (e.g. Recommended Courses, Referred to Financial Aid)
CommentsA free form field to add any additional information about the conversation

Note: Drop downs may contain options unique to your institution.

Outreach History

Outreach History is located at the bottom of the student profile. It contains all of the detail you provide each time you complete a Log Outreach submission. 

Outreach entries are listed with the advisor’s name, date, outreach type, and reason(s) for outreach visible. To view additional context for an outreach attempt:

  1. Click the gray arrow to the left of the name of the communication you’d like to examine further.
  2. The content will expand to show all of the details entered in the Log Outreach entry. If email was the medium and sent via the Inspire application, then there will also be an option to View Email Content.
  3. Click View Email Content to see the text of the email.

Export Student List

For institutions who conduct outreach in other systems, advisors have the ability to export a student list which will provide information such as student name, student email, GPA and outreach history. To do so, navigate to the Dashboard and select the Export Student List button located below the filter options. Export a CSV or TSV file directly to your computer.

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