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Powerful Predictor categories

Each Powerful Predictor is a predictive variable for the filtered student group. There are nine categories of Powerful Predictors. It may be helpful to think about these categories as you review the top predictors for different student groups. If a certain category of Powerful Predictors consistently appears for a filtered group, it may be an area that you want to target with initiatives or additional research.

The categories are:

Academic Performance (GPA)
GPA (Cumulative), Change in GPA
Area of Study
Degree Program, Major Changes (Cumulative)
Age, Gender, Is Veteran
Engagement (LMS)
Average Count of Discrete Days of Any LMS Activity
Average Number of Days Enrolled Before Start (Current Term)
Financial Aid
Loan Amount (Current Term), Financial Aid (Cumulative)
ProgressCredits Attempted (Cumulative), Terms Completed (Cumulative)
Standardized Tests
Max SAT Writing Score
Academic Standing (Current Term)
Examples vary

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