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Surfacing the courses that matter most

Illume Courses surfaces the undergraduate-level courses at your institution which have the largest potential to positively impact persistence and graduation rates at the individual level and across the institution.

The Course Explorer is composed of colored bubbles, with each bubble representing one course at your institution, organized by the year it is most typically taken. The size of each bubble represents the all-time enrollment for the course, or the number of students who have taken the course during the terms for which your institution has provided historical data to us.

Three Focus Areas are used to determine your institution’s most predictive courses that affect the most students:

  1. Grade Signal: Courses with the strongest grade signals are courses in which an individual student’s grade is a strong indicator of their individual likelihood to persist and/or graduate.
  2. Boost Potential: Courses with the highest boost potential are courses in which a lift in the average grade would yield the biggest improvements in institutional persistence and/or graduation rates. For these courses, filling students’ content and skill proficiency or mastery gaps could result in significant persistence and graduation increases.
  3. Percentage Struggling: Courses with the highest percentage struggling have the greatest percentages of Ds, Fs, and withdrawals in the year they are typically taken.

Illume Courses uses your institution's historical course data to surface the courses that meet both criteria: high enrollment and high predictive power. Courses with high enrollment and high impact on success outcomes represent the greatest opportunities to raise institutional and individual persistence and graduation likelihoods.

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