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Send an individual email

After identifying a student in need of outreach, you can send a personalized message directly from the student profile. Start by clicking the student’s name from the filtered student list.

This will open the student profile. In the left sidebar of the profile, there is a Send Email button that will allow you to contact the student. To send an email from the student profile:

  1. Click the Send Email button beneath the student’s contact information to open the email tool.
  2. Compose your email to the individual student. Use the HTML options to change the text formatting (e.g. bold, italic) or to add a hyperlink ( to your email content.
  3. If necessary, attach a file to the email by clicking Choose File next to the Attachments option.
  4. Click the checkbox next to Copy Me if you would like to receive a copy of the email for your records.
  5. Click Send Email when the message is ready. The recipient will see your institutional email address as the sender.

If you select Copy Me, the copy will appear in your email client and should look something like this:

The student email will contain the same content without the delivery information that you see in your copy. If a student responds to your email, his or her reply will be sent directly to your email client. It will not be received or stored within Inspire for Advisors.

Easily record the details of the email interaction by filling in the Log Outreach options that appear as soon as you send the email. Note that if you complete and submit the Log Outreach options before sending your email, the draft email content will be lost.

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