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Set an educational goal

Degree Map allows for degree planning choices tailored to unique academic and career goals. Setting an Educational Goal is a great way to confirm that planned courses and degree changes align with the chosen goal.

To edit the Educational Goal:

  1. Navigate to the Profile.
  2. Locate the Educational Goal within the Personal section of the Profile.
  3. Select an educational goal from the dropdown menu located beneath the Educational Goal heading: Graduate, Transfer, Job/Career Development, Personal Improvement, or Other are all options listed.
  4. Complete additional fields prompted after your selection. A selection of “Graduate” will prompt you to enter an estimated term for graduation, while a selection of “Transfer” will prompt you to provide an estimate for the term you would like to transfer and the name of the transfer institution. No additional prompts are required for selections of Job/Career Development, Personal Improvement and Other.
  5. Select the blue Save button when you are done.

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