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Send a bulk email

After using filters to identify multiple students with shared characteristics, you can easily send a bulk email through Inspire for Advisors. The message you send to multiple students will contain the same content, but it will appear as a personalized email in their inbox. They will see their name and email address and will not see any other students copied on the message.

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To send a bulk email from the student list, start by deciding which students to include in the bulk email.

To select all of the active students on the current page of results, click the checkbox above the student list.

To select all of the active students on all pages, hover over the downward facing arrow to the right of the checkbox and click Select all students.

To select only some of the active students, click the checkbox to the left of each student’s name.

After selecting students to include, click Email Selected Students (found next to the checkbox above the student list). This will launch the email tool.

  1. Beneath the student names, there is a checkbox to indicate whether you would like to include students who have been contacted within the last 48 hours. These students may have already been included in a different bulk email. Click the checkbox to select or deselect this option.
  2. Compose your email, keeping in mind that the same message will be sent to all of the selected students. Use the HTML options to change the text formatting (e.g. bold, italic) or to add a hyperlink (e.g. to your email content. Each student will receive a personalized email and see only his or her name and email address. Students will not see the identifying information of any other students.
  3. Click the checkbox next to Copy Me if you would like to receive a copy of the email for your records. If you select Copy Me, your copy will include the salutation “Dear Student Firstname,” but it will populate the student’s name in the email they receive.
  4. Click Submit when the message is ready for distribution. If the message is being sent to many students, it may take a few moments for the message to send. For bulk emails with more than 50 recipients, you will see a warning message while sending is in progress. Do not navigate away from the page until sending is complete.

If you select Copy Me, the copy will appear in your email client and should look something like this:

The student email will contain the same email content without the delivery information that you see in your copy. As with individual emails, if any student responds to your email, his or her reply will be sent directly to your email client. It will not be received or stored within Inspire for Advisors.

Easily record the details of the email interaction by filling in the Log Outreach options that appear as soon as you send the email. The selections you make will appear on each of the included students' profiles. You cannot record different details for individual students included in the bulk email. Note that if you complete and submit the Log Outreach options before sending your email, the draft email content will be lost.

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