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Review graduation requirements and completed courses

Here you have the ability to expand and collapse all fields to see a comprehensive view of credits remaining, credits earned, and GPA requirements towards the student's degree plan. Review overall graduation requirements on the Degree Progress page to easily track progress towards degree completion in Degree Map.

Graduation Requirements are shown just below the student's personal details and degree progress indicators. Expand this section to see units, courses, and GPA requirements for in-progress programs, as well as any institution-specific requirement,  sets such as residency, limits, or upper-division coursework. These requirement groups are pulled from your SIS, so they will be representative of how your institution organizes requirements for auditing purposes.

In this section, you can quickly assess a student’s degree progress by looking for checkmarks or orange icons next to the requirement title. Checkmarks are used to indicate when a requirement has been met, while an orange icon is displayed to indicate an unmet GPA requirement. Additional details about the status of a requirement are displayed immediately following the requirement title. Completed and remaining requirement information are broken out into columns to provide deeper insight into progress. This handling is consistent across different types of requirements, except GPA. GPA is represented as "current GPA" of "requirement".

You can click a requirement to launch a pop up that gives you more information about the requirement and the list of courses that counted towards satisfying that requirement.

It is important to note that some institutions have set their audits to not show courses that apply to certain requirements. This means that the course list may not be the full list of courses that apply to the requirement and the student will need to see their advisor for more information. 

Click the requirement title to reveal details about progress and the items needed to complete the requirement.

Find a detailed breakdown of requirements for the student's in progress programs, including general education and all majors and minors, beneath Graduation Requirements.

On the left side of the page, you’ll find the left rail which shows requirements sorted by program (e.g. General Education requirements, Anthropology major requirements, Business minor requirements). You have the ability to filter or search all fields to see a comprehensive view of credits remaining, credits earned, and credits planned towards the student’s degree plan. After applying filters, click the program header to reveal the requirements, listed by requirement group.

For example, if one course is required to fulfill the Literature requirement, you will see one Literature requirement group. Click any requirement group to see details about courses that have been taken to fulfill this requirement and courses that must still be completed. Use the clear filter button to remove applied filters.

You'll find a colored indicator beneath the name of the requirement group. This will indicate whether all courses within the requirement group have been completed (green indicator) or if there are courses remaining (orange indicator).

To the right of the left rail, you’ll find a year-by-year breakdown of the student's degree plan. Click any previous year to expand details about courses completed during terms within that year. See details about each completed course beneath the header indicating the term it was taken. View the name and course number, the number of credits, the student's final grade, and the term it was completed. If the student failed or withdrew from a course, it will show that the course was attempted rather than completed. If the course was retaken, this may be indicated.

In progress and upcoming terms may contain course details. These courses will be shown as registered, indicating that the student has registered for this course, but the final grade is not yet available.

Degree Map also allows you to plan remaining courses for upcoming terms, providing a clear path to graduation. Courses can be planned from the requirement groups located in the left rail or from the upcoming plan cards located in the year-by-year breakdown.

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