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Add students who are not currently enrolled to a student list

Add students who are not currently enrolled to:

  • Understand context about their previous enrollment behaviors and intention to return for future terms
  • Encourage students who were enrolled in the Spring to re-enroll in the Fall during the Summer term
  • Identify and win back students who have skipped the last couple of terms

To add students not enrolled in the current term:

1. Access a student list. Click the Active Students number in the upper righthand corner of the Overview page or go through the Prediction Distribution wheel or any Powerful Predictor chart.

2. Click the ‘Show Students Not Enrolled in Current Term’ button located above the student list to add all students who were enrolled in a past term within the last calendar year. These students’ details will appear on a grey background to distinguish them from currently enrolled students.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.52.53 PM.png

3. For all students, including those who are currently enrolled and those who are not, see the following details about their enrollment history:

  • Enrolled Current Term: See whether the student is enrolled in the current term.
  • Persistence Prediction: For currently enrolled students, you will continue to see the most up-to-date prediction score as of the most recent data workflow. For students who were last enrolled in the most recent past term, see the prediction score they had as of the last data workflow at the end of the term. For students who were enrolled in an earlier past term, the prediction score will not be displayed.
  • Last Enrolled Term: Review the most recent term in which this student was enrolled. If the student is currently enrolled, the current term will be listed.
  • Next Enrolled Term: Check the next term the student has enrolled in courses. If the student is not registered for any upcoming terms, this field will be empty.

4. Click any column heading to sort the list by the values in that column. For example, click the ‘Enrolled Current Term’ heading to separate students who are currently enrolled from those who are not.

5. After sorting, click the ‘Add Columns’ button if you’re interested in seeing these students’ values for one or more Powerful Predictors. Try adding Credits Earned (Cumulative) to identify the students who may be close to finishing their degree.

illume_add a column_10.30.17.png

6. Click on a filter icon to filter by the values in a column.

7. Finally, click the Outreach button to begin a nudge campaign targeting the students in the list. Or, click the Export Student List button to download the list as a .csv to begin a nudge campaign using a different system or perform additional analysis. Tip: Be sure to export the list before navigating to another page as your list changes will not be saved.

illume_outreach student list_10.30.17.png

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