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Upload a student list

After submitting details about the initiative, you'll upload a .csv or .tsv file with details about students who were eligible to participate in the initiative. The list should include students who did participate in the initiative as well as students who were eligible but did not participate. Illume Impact requires at least 100 participant students for analysis, but it is recommended that at least 1000 participant students are submitted. Include at least as many eligible comparison students as participants. This list of students will be used to identify similar students through PPSM for analysis. A larger number of students will maximize the number of matched student pairs after PPSM and it will increase the chance of statistically significant impact results.

The format of this list is important:

  • Label the first column student_id. Fill in the student ID numbers for students who were eligible to participate over the terms the initiative was offered.
  • Label the second column term. Fill in the term during which the student participated or was eligible to participate in the initiative. If a student participated in the initiative during multiple terms, create a separate entry for each distinct term. Likewise with students who were eligible over multiple terms but did not participate, create a separate entry for each term.
  • Label the third column is_participant. This is a Boolean entry field. Fill in a 1 for students who participated in the initiative and a 0 for students who were eligible but did not participate. If the initiative was open to all students, then only participating students need to be included in the file. If no eligible non-participants (i.e. is_participant = 0) are identified in the file, then all other students in the terms identified in the file will be considered eligible for matching and analysis.

Student ID and term values for your institution should match your institution’s system of record, and they are also specified in Illume Impact. You’ll see an example file image that shows the expected data format and the label reminders will have a note indicating the expected naming conventions at your institution.

It should look something like this:

Label the first column student_id. For your institution, the following data format is expected: <9-digit number>.

Drag and drop the completed file onto the Upload a Student List page or click the Browse link to find the file.

Remember, Illume Impact will show you the required format for the student ID and the term identifier. In this example, the student id for this institution is a 5-digit number and the term must be a 6-digit number.

When your file has been successfully uploaded, the file name will be listed with a checkmark to the left of it. Click the Submit button after confirming that your student list was uploaded.

If your file format was correct and persistence data could be found for the students included in the list, you can begin validating the data you submitted before the initiative is analyzed. Click the Validate Initiative button to begin this step.

If your file was formatted incorrectly, you will not be able to move forward with data validation. Click the Back button to upload a new or modified file.

You will see an error message if one of the following issues with your file is identified:

  • Column header error: If there are too few or too many columns, or if a column was mislabeled (e.g. 'student ID' instead of 'student_ID')
  • Wrong data type: If an entry in one of the cells in the student list is formatted incorrectly (e.g. a text string is found in the ‘is_participant’ column, which should only contain 0 or 1). See the Data Readiness Checklist in the in-application Impact Help Center for troubleshooting help.

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