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Explore saved insights

Click on the SCRATCHPAD tab from the main page navigation bar located at the top of the page to view saved insights. By default, this will include all saved charts, including those you've saved and those saved by other users at your institution or by your Partner Success Consultant. Switch to view only the insights you've saved by clicking the 'My Charts' toggle in the upper lefthand corner of the page.

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If you are interested in reviewing a specific insight, type search criteria (e.g. specific Powerful Predictor, specific user's first and/or last name, filters used) into the Search bar located at the top of the page. Insights can also be sorted by date added for quick identification. Click the dropdown labeled Newest First to change the sorting order.

Download all saved insights

To create a PowerPoint presentation containing all publicly saved insights or a selection based on the current search criteria, click the 'Download All' button next to the Search bar.

To review a saved chart:

  1. The chart header indicates the Powerful Predictor(s) used to generate this insight. See the name of the user who saved this chart and the date it was saved beneath the heading.
  2. See the filters that were applied when this insight was saved beneath the image of the Powerful Predictor chart or Paired Predictor Plot.
  3. Click the 'Go To' button in the upper righthand corner of the saved chart to see the chart or plot with the same filters applied. If you revisit the chart during the same term the insight was saved, it should look the same. If you revisit it during a future term, it may look different as a result of new data inputs. Returning to the chart allows you to highlight a range of values or hover over persistence details.

To change the settings of your saved insight:

  1. Your insights will be public by default. To make any of your insights private, click the toggle labeled 'Public' to make it visible to you only. If this toggle is switched to 'Private', no other user will be able to see the chart, the filters used, or any comments.
  2. Hover over any of your own comments and click the ellipsis icon to edit or delete the comment text.
  3. Delete any of your saved insights by clicking the 'Remove' button in the upper righthand corner of the saved chart.

Note that you cannot make other users' insights private, edit or delete other users' comments, or remove other users' insights.

To discuss the insight within Illume Students or share with other stakeholders:

  1. Add a comment to the right of any insight to provide context for you or your colleagues to reference at a later date. Colleagues can also add comments, allowing multiple users at your institution to have a discussion within Illume Students.
  2. Download the chart and associated filters and comments to share with stakeholders that may not have access to Illume Students. Hover over the 'Download as' button to select from .pptx or .png file formats.

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