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Plan a course from the requirement list

From the left sidebar, expand the program and requirement group you'd like to plan. If there are courses remaining to fulfill the requirement, you'll see a 'Plan Course' button beneath the individual requirement.

Plan Course button from Remaining Requirment

Click 'Plan Course' and an overlay will appear, allowing you to make a few selections. Start by selecting when to plan the course. Click the Term dropdown to select from the next several upcoming terms. The pre-populated courses will only list options which can fulfill the selected course requirement. Use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner if you have a specific course in mind that does not appear on the pre-populated list. When you're ready to add a specific course, click the 'Plan' button to the right of the course details to add it to the selected term.

Pop-up modal for course planning

Note: If the course requirement can be fulfilled by multiple courses, you will need to select a specific course to plan or apply filters to find the desired course. Filters that may be available to narrow down your results include options to filter by term offered, subject, course level, or credits. 

Alternatively, plan a placeholder for this requirement group by clicking the 'Plan a placeholder' link at the bottom of the overlay. This will place the requirement beneath the selected term header, but there will not be a specific course listed for the planned term.

Bypass the individual course selection step by clicking and dragging the requirement placeholder from the left sidebar to the term of your choice.

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