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Check overall counts of identified students

After successfully uploading your student list and clicking Validate Initiative, start by checking the overall counts from your student list:

  • Initiative Participants shows the number of students submitted as participants in your student list who were also identified in the Civitas platform. This means that the student records can be found in the data set collected from your source systems (SIS, LMS, etc.) and we have data for these students that can be used for impact analysis.
  • Eligible Comparison Group shows the number of students submitted as eligible for the initiative who did not participate who were also identified in the Civitas platform.
    • If comparison students were included in the student list file, this count will include students from the list who were identified in your institution's data set.
    • If the initiative was open to all students at the institution and comparison students were not included in the student list file, this count will include the total number of students in your institution's data set over the terms the initiative was offered who did not participate in the initiative. For example, if you uploaded participant data for an initiative offered during Spring and Fall 2015, the eligible comparison group will include all students enrolled during Spring AND Fall 2015 who did not participate.

If any student IDs and/or terms submitted in your list could not be found in the Civitas data set, you will see a warning that these students and/or terms will be excluded from analysis. Click the Students Excluded button beneath the counts to download a .csv file with the details you uploaded for the students and/or terms that could not be identified in the Civitas data set.

If there are no error messages, you can decide whether to proceed with impact analysis using the identified students and terms or to upload a new list with additional students IDs and/or terms. If student counts are much lower than expected, review Troubleshooting unexpected counts for guidance on potential errors and fixes. If you have confirmed that none of these issues apply, contact the Civitas administrator at your institution who can open a help ticket with the Civitas Learning Partner Care team.

Click Continue to see how the identified students break down over the terms the initiative was offered.

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