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Troubleshooting unexpected student counts

If either of the overall student counts is significantly different from the number of students included in the file, start by verifying these details:

  • The student list file is not affected by a formatting error.
    • If your student_id values contain leading 0s, spreadsheet applications like Excel may remove these numbers if the data format is not explicitly defined as 'text.'
    • If your file contains an empty column (e.g. "1234567,," or ",," which may be included at the end of a file when manipulating data in a spreadsheet application like Excel).
    • If one of your columns is named incorrectly (e.g. "studentID" instead of "student_ID"), the file will not be recognized.
  • The student_id and term values in your student list are in the correct format.
    • Double check the format expected for your institution. If the format of your list doesn't meet the requirements, click the 'Upload new list' button beneath the counts. You will return to the file upload step. Upload a corrected file at this point to save all the initial information you submitted, including the initiative name and research question.
    • Check if the student_id values in your student list should have leading zeros. Some spreadsheet applications automatically remove leading zeros when a file is saved, which could make the student_id values incorrect.
  • The term values represent historic terms within the last four years where persistence outcomes are already known (e.g. If the initiative was offered in the most recent past term, the census date for the current term has passed).
  • The students included in the file were enrolled on the census date (or day 14 of the term if your institution's census date has not been provided) of the specified term.

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