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Conduct a nudge campaign

To conduct a nudge campaign:

  1. Find an opportunity in your institution’s data to help students persist and access a student list. Be sure to identify a targeted segment of the student population, as Illume will not allow you to message the entire student population.
  2. Apply any additional column filters needed to create the Student List that matches the target student group for the nudge campaign, and click the Outreach button. A pop-up modal appears in which you can enter the following information:
    1. The name of the nudge campaign (this information will not be sent to students)
    2. Context for the nudge campaign (this information will not be sent to students)
    3. The sender for the nudge campaign
    4. The subject line for the email
    5. The message to be sent to the list of students
  3. Enter message content for the nudge campaign in the body section of the pop-up modal. Click the Insert Student First Name link at the bottom of the pop-up modal to insert the first name of the students receiving the email. The font of the message can be formatted using the Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons, content can be organized using the Bulleted or Numbered lists buttons, and links can be inserted using the Link button.
  4. Click the Test Email button to send yourself a copy of the email before sending to your target Student List. Sending a preview email provides the opportunity to review and modify how the subject line and email content will appear to students, as well as test any hyperlinks that may have been included in your call-to-action. After reviewing, return to Illume Students and make any necessary changes.
  5. Click the Send Email button to send the message to all of the students in the Student List.
    1. A confirmation prompt will require you to confirm your request to send, ensuring that unintentional emails are never sent to students.
    2. Click ‘Yes, continue sending’ to complete sending your message.
    3. The message will be sent to all of the students in the student list. Additionally, the sender will receive a copy of the message in their inbox. You can monitor your completed nudge on the Outreach page in Illume Students.
Note: When closing an email that has not yet been sent, you will be required to confirm the action and alerted that content of an unsent email is not saved.

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