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Interpreting error messages

Illume Impact requires at least 100 initiative participants for impact analysis.

If you submit a student list with fewer than 100 participants or if fewer than 100 students were identified in the Civitas data set, you'll see an error message and you will be required to submit a new student list.

In order to have a high likelihood of statistically significant results, it is recommended that you submit at least 1,000 initiative participants and 1,000 students for comparison. Submit a revised student list with additional students by clicking the 'Upload new list' button.

You will also see a warning if the number of students eligible for comparison who were identified in the Civitas data set is much lower than the number of identified participants. If the number of identified eligible comparison students is less than 80% of the number of identified participants, a warning will appear. Continuing would result in at least 20% of the participants being left out of the analysis, which could skew results.

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