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Send on behalf of another

As you plan your nudge campaign, consider how the sender of the message may impact student engagement. Students are more likely to open emails from an individual with a recognized name. In addition to the user logged into Illume Students (i.e. the campaign coordinator), a nudge can be sent on behalf of a student’s assigned advisor or another user with an account in Illume Students.

To send on behalf of a student’s advisor:

  1. Find an opportunity in Illume Students and verify that advisors have been mapped by reviewing the last column of the Student List. 

  2. Click the Outreach button and from the pop-up modal locate the From field. Click the dropdown icon next to the email address. 

  3. Review the listed options and select the row labeled Student’s Advisor (#/# Students Mapped). This will update the sender of the nudge so that it appears to come from the students assigned advisor.

  4. Enter message content for the nudge campaign in the body section of the pop-up modal. When sending on behalf of a student’s advisor, you can further personalize the message using the Advisor Name link located at the bottom of the modal. Clicking this button will insert the advisor’s name in the message so that students see their assigned advisors name when reading the message. This option is only available when Student’s Advisor is selected from the From Field.

  5. Format the message using options located at the bottom of the pop-up modal. The font of the message can be formatted using the Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons, content can be organized using the Bulleted or Numbered lists buttons, and supporting content can be added using the Image and Link buttons.

  6.  Click the Send Email button to send the message on behalf of the student’s advisor to all of the students in the Student List. When students receive the message, it will appear to have come from their assigned advisor. The campaign coordinator and the student’s assigned advisor will also be sent a copy of the message. The copy sent to the student’s assigned advisor will contain additional information, including:

  • A brief summary explaining the nudge campaign
  • The nudge content itself
  • Filter criteria for the nudge campaign
  • The advisor’s students included in the campaign

To send on behalf of another Illume Students user:

  1. Find an opportunity in Illume Students and click the Outreach button. From the pop-up modal, locate the From Field and select the dropdown icon.
  2. Select the name and email address of the user you would like to send on behalf of. To appear on this list, the user will need to have permissions that allow another nudge campaign-authorized user to send a campaign on their behalf.
  3. Send a Test Email and review the content of your nudge campaign. Once you are satisfied with your nudge, click the Send Email button to send the message to all of the students in the Student List. A copy of the message will be sent to the campaign coordinator and the updated email sender.

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