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Send another nudge within the same nudge campaign

Some nudge campaigns contain multiple nudges that build upon each other throughout the term to increase the likelihood of persistence of the students in the target student group. You can send a follow-up nudge in an existing nudge campaign using features on the Outreach page of Illume Students.

To send another nudge within the same nudge campaign:

  1. Click the Outreach link on the left of the screen, then locate the nudge campaign that you would like to build upon. Click the Send Another Nudge link.
  2. A pop-up modal will appear in which the context for the nudge, subject line, and message can be input. For help crafting your nudge, review the section titled Conduct a Nudge Campaign or check out resources on the Nudge Hub.
  3. Review the section titled Exclude Options. This section will only be displayed for subsequent nudges in an existing nudge campaign. Note: Illume Students users with Administrator Access Permissions can exclude individual students from all future nudges through the Configuration Panel.
    1. Exclude options will automatically remove deceased students from the nudge campaign and gives you the ability to exclude students enrolled in the next term. If appropriate, click the checkbox next to Exclude Students Enrolled Next Term to trigger this exclusion.
  4. Send a Test Email and review the content of your nudge campaign. Once you are satisfied with your nudge, click the Send Email button to send the message to all of the students in the Student List.

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