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Archive or delete an initiative

Any initiative on the Completed tab can be archived. This will move the initiative to the Archived tab, but it will not delete the initiative from Illume Impact. This may be helpful for a few reasons:

  • Keep track of analyzed initiatives that have already been reviewed by you or another user at your institution.
  • Refresh an initiative that has been re-submitted after gathering new terms of data, changing the eligibility criteria, or modifying the initiative design.

To archive an initiative, click the card icon in the lower righthand corner of any initiative card. The card will flip to reveal an Archive option.

Click 'Archive initiative' and the initiative card will move to the Archived tab. You can continue to access this initiative at any time by clicking the Archived tab from the home page.

If you would like to move an initiative back to the Completed tab, follow the same steps and click 'Unarchive initiative' when the card flips.

If you were the user who submitted the initiative, you will also see an option to Delete initiative.

To delete an initiative you submitted, click the card icon to reveal Archive and Delete options.

Click 'Delete initiative' and the initiative card and corresponding analysis details will be deleted from Illume Impact. You will not be able to recover a deleted initiative.

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