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Set a career goal

After initially landing on the careers page, pre-populated careers will be listed based on the student’s current degree.

  1. To begin searching for new careers, type career identifying criteria into the Career Search bar. Users can also navigate to the Career Category drop down menu and select a specific field of interest. search
  2. Specify a Location by selecting National, State, Region, or County listed as a dropdown menu beneath the Career Search bar. Matching results will populate based on the search criteria indicated. If Region is selected as the Location preference, continue on by specifying a State and Metro Area. If County is selected as the Location preference, continue on by specifying one or multiple counties. options_04.10.18-Z5w.png

Field-specific information about career options, such as average entry salary and job market demand, will appear for each of the careers meeting the search criteria. careers-QNQ.png

Expand any result by clicking the arrow to the left of the career name to see a brief job description. Students can set this vocation as his or her chosen career goal by selecting the Make This My Career Goal button beneath the job description. The newly identified Career Goal will be displayed on his or her Degree Map Profile. this my career details-vds.png

See additional details by clicking the blue Career Details button located below the description. career details_04.12.18-jT8.png

Specific details relevant to this career will appear in a new page including:

  • Summary of job demand
  • Salary trends
  • Required skills and experience
  • Related job opportunities for this career path

Similar Careers can be found as clickable blue links located on the right-hand side of the page. To explore further, simply click one of the links to learn more.

You can choose this career by clicking the blue Make This My Career button located beneath the salary trend chart. this my career goal button_04.12.18-1Zs.png

Return to the Explore Careers page to refine your search or begin a new career search criteria. Degree Map can be used throughout the term to plan and create term schedules towards a student’s degree plan.

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