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View initiative impact by term

Beneath the Impact by Student Group bars, find a breakdown of the impact of the initiative across each submitted term.

The bar chart shows the lift in persistence observed over each individual term included in impact analysis. This lift is calculated by finding the difference between the persistence rates of identified participants and comparison students during each specific term the initiative was offered (if it was included in analysis). When there was a statistically significant positive lift in persistence, the term's corresponding bar will be shaded blue. When there was a statistically significant negative lift, the term's bar will be shaded red. If the bar instead is shaded with gray slash marks, the results for that term were not statistically significant.

Hover over any term to see additional details about the analysis:

  • Lift in persistence: The percentage difference in persistence rates observed between students who participated in the initiative during the chosen term who were matched through PPSM and matched students who were eligible during the chosen term but did not participate.
  • P-value: The p-value indicates the probability of observing similar or more extreme results if the initiative had no effect on persistence. A lower p-value indicates stronger results for this term. A higher p-value may be the result of a small number of analyzed participants for this term.
  • Analyzed participants: The number of students who participated in the initiative during the chosen term who were matched through PPSM. This is the number of participant-comparison student pairs (i.e. sample size) used to measure the persistence impact for this term.

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