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Adding eligible comparison students to a term

After selecting 'Let's fix this,' you'll be prompted to take one of the following actions:

  • Yes, add for me: Illume Impact will automatically add students who met the eligibility criteria during other same-season terms. For example, if Fall 2014 triggered this warning, eligible comparison students will be added from other Fall terms when the initiative was offered. From our data science team's prior ad-hoc impact analysis experience, we expect same-season terms to have fewer confounding factors that could influence the analysis (e.g. we expect a Fall 2014 term to look more similar to a Fall 2013 term than a Spring 2013 term across institutional operations, student populations, and student outcomes).
  • No, I'll choose: You will select other terms to include in the eligible comparison group. If you specified the eligible comparison group in your student list file, only the terms included in that file will appear as options. If you did not specify the eligible comparison group, all terms within the last four years that are available in your institution's Civitas data set will appear as options. Note: The same caveat about additional confounding factors when matching and comparing participant and comparison students across different terms applies here.
  • Ignore this term: This term's data will be excluded from impact analysis.

If you attempt to ignore all available terms, you will not be able to continue with impact analysis. You will be prompted to edit your selections or upload a new list before continuing.

You can continue impact analysis without fixing the indicated terms. However, this is not recommended as the number of students analyzed for the indicated term(s) will be greatly reduced, which could cause inaccurate analysis.

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