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August 2018 SSL Certificate Changes

In April of 2018, the following email was sent to all affected customers:

College Scheduler Customer,
You are receiving this message because you are assigned as a College Scheduler contact. If you are not involved in making the below IT related changes we kindly ask that you forward this email to the correct IT representative. 
As you may be aware, changes have been taking place in regards to security and SSL certificates across the internet over the last year.  Many vendors have required maintenance for customer systems in order to move to more modern, secure certificate chains and protocols.   As part of our ongoing commitment to being a SOC2 Type 2 security certified organization, we are requiring a small change take place in customer systems by August 2018.
What is Affected?

Sign on requests from customer student information systems (PeopleSoft, Banner, Colleague, Homegrown) to College Scheduler.
What is the Change?
1. Customers will simply be changing the web address for the single sign on request.
2. Customers will also be importing a new root certificate for Amazon Web Services on the systems that make the outbound request to our single sign on service.
3. Some customers will be adding new outbound firewall rules to contact our single sign on service.  This is usually only necessary for some customers who require firewall rules for outbound connections.

1. Web Address Change - For the web address change for the single sign on request, we have a number of existing endpoints:
The new web address is:
This new web address is available now and will function properly if you switch it over, the authentication key in use today is not changing so please use the existing key.
*If you upgrade to the latest version of our College Scheduler interface, you will not have to make this change manually.  We encourage all of our customers to upgrade their College Scheduler interface once per year to enable the latest features and functionality that we offer.
2. SSL Root Certificate - Your team will need to install a new SSL root certificate  for the new single sign on endpoint, which is hosted by Amazon Web Services and signed by Amazon Trust.  Actual steps can vary depending on your network and systems.  A help guide is attached.  The required certificate is included in recent College Scheduler interface distributions, and can be downloaded directly from Amazon Trust.
https://www.amazontrust.com/repository/    (CN=Amazon Root CA 1,O=Amazon,C=US)
3. Outbound Firewall Rules - Most institutions do not need to put these in, but if your institution requires firewall rules for outbound connections please put in the following IP addresses on TCP Port 443:
Help Guide
Please see the help guide attached to this e-mail for more details on how to make these changes.
The deadline for this change is August 1st, 2018.  This is a required action and we need to stick to this due date which is about 3 months from now.
After the August 1st, 2018 cutoff, we will begin to turn off the obsolete single sign on services (ticket.collegescheduler.com, sso.collegescheduler.com, and auth.collegescheduler.com) and will terminate them entirely by August 31st, 2018.  
As always, please contact support@collegescheduler.com if you have any questions and we will be glad to assist!

The "help guide attached" referenced above are attached to the bottom of this page, according your specific SIS type. Please contact support@collegescheduler.com for assistance on completing this change. 

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