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Report: What Really Works - A Review of Student Success Initiatives

The landscape in higher ed is changing. Today more than ever before, institutions are serving increasingly diverse students, each with unique needs — and doing it with less money. With limited resources and growing accountability pressures from high-level stakeholders, colleges and universities are grappling with the challenge of knowing what’s working for which students.

One thing is clear. Doing more of the same thing is no longer doing enough. Stagnant student outcomes are the cost of maintaining the status quo in higher ed.

In a new report from Civitas Learning®, What Really Works: A Review of Student Success Initiatives, we explore the growing challenges facing higher ed in engaging and supporting students — and dive into the stories of some institutions that are on the cutting edge of harnessing student data to address those challenges and improve student outcomes.

Click below to read about the drastic improvements to student outcomes that institutions across the country have achieved.

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