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New features to make communicating with students easy and efficient

In this update: 

  • Rich text editor for messages, announcements, advising notes, and library resources
  • Access custom student groups directly in messages and announcements module

Rich Text Editor

Advisors, faculty, and students can now leverage a rich text editor across the application to style messages, announcements, advising notes, and library resources, similar to the options you have at your fingertips when writing emails, documents, and presentations in other software applications. 

You will now be able to do the following using the helpful rich text toolbar:

  • Bold, italicize, and underline text

  • Adjust text size

  • Highlight text

  • Include bullets or numbers

  • Align text in different ways

  • Incorporate hyperlinks 

Access Custom Student Groups Drop-down in Messages and Announcements

Custom groups are now available to Advisors when writing messaging and announcements to students. In addition to typing out a student group via autosuggest, now advisors can access custom groups under the “view groups” drop-down.

  • Advisor users can browse custom groups they created 
  • Directors and Advisor+ users can browse custom groups they created and browse custom groups shared with them right from the message modal or announcements page.

To access this functionality, Advisors should click on “view groups” and then select a group type and group. Custom groups have been added to the "group type" drop down. Groups that were created by the user, or shared with that user (depending on their role and permission) have been added to the "group" drop-down. The selected student group will then populate in the recipient field. 

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