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Managing Inspire Users

The manage user permission can be added to Inspire users with the role of director and gives them access to the User Management page. From here users can add and edit Director, Advisor+, Advisor, Admin Assistant, and Faculty users. This does not include students which are added through the data feed. Specifically, these users can complete the following actions:

  • Search for a User 
  • Add a User 
  • Edit Info/Permissions 
  • Send Welcome Email 
  • Reset Password 
  • Deactivate User 
  • Reactivate User

Access User Management

Select User Management from the left-side navigation to access user management options.

From this page, directors see a list of users in a table format with the following columns automatically available:

  • Name
  • Status
  • Student Success Unit (only available for Directors in all SSUs) 
  • Primary Role
  • Additional Permissions
  • Advisor Type

Add a User

From the User Management page, click the button labeled Add User.

To add a new user, complete the add user form by entering user information, selecting roles and permissions, and configuring visibility options. 

Note: (1) Advisor Type is required when selecting an Advisor role. (2) Select Student Success Units will only appear if the director is in multiple SSUs. Otherwise, the director will only be able to add users to SSUs they are in. 

At the bottom of the page, you can opt to send a “welcome” email with instructions to log in.  

Finally, click the Add User button at the bottom of the page to complete adding a user.

Edit a User

From the user management table, check the box of the name of the user you are updating and from actions select Edit Permissions.  

Note: Quick actions also allow you to send a welcome email, reset a password, deactivate a user or reactivate a user.

This will redirect you to the Edit User form, where you can update User Information, Roles and Permissions, and Visibility. 

Note: you will not be able to edit NetID and the unique person ID fields.

Roles & Permissions

  • Student Success Unit (select all that apply)

  • Primary Role (select one)

    • When you select the Primary Role, the associated permissions will automatically be selected.

  • Select Advisor Type

  • Additional Permissions 


  • Calendar

  • Messaging

  • Directory

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