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Fixed Recipient Counts for Content

Product Update -    Released On - 1/8/19

In this update: 

  • Fixed Recipient Count

Fixed Recipient Counts for Content

Admin Portal

As an admin, you can now view the Recipient count on each Announcement and Poll, just like a Notification. The Recipient count will let you know how many users your content is visible to based on their persona and category preferences. You may also notice that we have updated the label from Total Recipients → Recipients.

What to know

How are Recipients calculated?

The Recipient count takes two things into consideration:

  1. Distribution Options (or personas) - ClearScholar uses the count created by the persona to first determine which users should see the poll or announcement.
  2. Category - Secondly, ClearScholar takes into account the Category of the poll or announcement. We offer users the ability to turn Categories on and off within the app. Therefore, if a user has turned off a specific category, they will not be included in the recipient count nor will they see the content in their app. 

I sent two pieces of content to the same persona but the Recipient numbers are different. Why?

If you see that the Recipient counts are different, please check the category of the content. If these were sent to two different categories, it’s likely that some users have chosen to turn off that category within their app, therefore affecting the Recipient count. If a user turns off a category in their app, any content for the category will not be visible to them.

The Recipient number is different than what was shown a week ago. Why?

Personas are dynamic and change based on new data we receive. We have developed app content to be dynamic as well. For example, if a student did not meet the criteria for the distributed persona when the content was originally created, they would not have received it. However, if a week later, that same student fits the persona criteria and is now part of that persona, the content will become visible to them, increasing the Recipient count.

We designed it this way so that students always see the information that’s appropriate for them! Rather than resending the content, the content dynamically becomes visible to fit their needs.

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