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Content Metrics

Product Update -    Released On - 1/30/20

In this update: 

  • Total Views, Open Rates, Recipient Counts

Total Views, Open Rates, Recipient Counts

Admin Portal

Based on feedback from our users, we've assessed metrics shown across all content in the Edit area of the Admin portal, and updated those in a consistent way. Recipients counts, percent of Open rates, and Views are now shown for Announcements, Events*, Polls and Notifications. 

  • Recipient count - number of recipients with current visibility of the content
  • Total Views - total unique views of the content
  • Open Rate - percentage displayed next to Total Views, showing how many unique users have viewed content compared to recipient count

*Recipient counts will only be shown for events created in ClearScholar

What to know

Why are my open rates higher than 100%?

Recipients are the current number of users who are able to see the content and Total Views are based on unique users. If everyone in a persona views the content and then a user falls out of the persona, they no longer have visibility but since they originally viewed the content they are still counted in the Total View. In this case the Open Rate would show higher than 100%

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