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Historic and Future Enrolled Courses

Product Update -    Released On - 2/13/20

In this update: 

  • Historical and Future Enrolled Courses

Historic and Future Enrolled Courses

Student Mobile app (no app update required)

Students can now view their complete course history including all historical, in progress, and future enrolled terms with detailed course information in ClearScholar.

Until now, students could only view their current term courses in the Courses tab. The Courses tab now supports showing the following information (in order):

  1. Summary with GPA over time (New!)

  2. In progress courses

  3. Future enrolled courses organized by term (New!)

  4. All historical courses and grades organized by academic year (New!)

  5. Enhanced information within Course Details (New!)

*The information above is dependent on available data provided by the institutions and/or for each individual student.

Cumulative GPA and GPA over time

In Progress Courses

Future Courses by term; Past Courses by Academic Year

In progress course detail

Past course detail

What to know

What happens if a first year freshman views this page?

Sections of data will only be visible if there's data to display. Once the student has at least one GPA point coming in, the graph will show. If a student is not enrolled in courses for next term yet, Future courses will not show.

Eg. A first term college freshman will not see Past Courses, Future Courses, or the GPA Summary. 

Will students see the same course information available in the holistic advising solution?

One of the goals for this enhancement is to unify the student experience. With a few exceptions, all data visible in Course History within the holistic advising solution has been made visible in our mobile solution. 

A student is reporting incorrect data. What do I do?

Institutions should first check the data they are providing. If the data provided is accurate, please reach out to Civitas Helpdesk via email so that we investigate further.

Are courses added to the student’s calendar within the mobile solution?

Currently enrolled courses are automatically shown on the student’s calendar tab. Historical and future courses are not shown on the calendar at this time.

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