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General FAQ

How can I remove the Term entry filter?

The term entry filter is always enabled. You will have to make the desired term(s) inactive in your SIS.

Note: The term entry filter is skipped in the following cases:

1. There is only one active term for integration

2. The student selected a term in the SIS before entering Schedule Planner. If the matching term is active for integration, it will be automatically selected and the term entry filter skipped.

Why can't I use the same password for all environments?

Each user must create a unique password per environment as we consider them to be different people.

Why am I seeing "There is currently no scheduling data in the schedule planner" error message?

All the sections are probably past registration dates so they are hidden. When no sections are active, it'll say no scheduling data

How frequently/often are reports updated?

Reports are updated in real time. The moment you download the report from our admin area it is using live data. If you are utilizing our "course demand delivery" feature which actually delivers the reports to custom Banner tables, those are usually scheduled for once per day but can actually be as frequent as every 15 minutes if you have a fancy use case for that.

Why am I getting an "invalid authorization token" error when downloading the Pre-Loader student list?

The "invalid authorization token" error happens when their session in new admin has timed out and they try to download.  It's something we're aware of but haven't had a chance to look into yet.  If they refresh the page/log back in and try to download again it should be fine.

Do I have to add a course when using Pre-Loader? I just want to add Breaks.

No, you do not have to add a course or select a Term. If you would like the Breaks to be Term-specific, the Term must be specified on the "add course" screen in Pre-Loader.

Why isn't a Break appearing in Pre-Loader?

Scheduler won't load a break with the same name twice.  If they need it to be term specific they'll want to undo the last preload.

How do I add a user in Admin?

1. Select Manage Users under Advanced on the Home Screen

2. Click Add User

3. Enter all the proper information, including permissions, for the new user. See Managing User Permissions.

How do I edit a user's permissions?

1. Click the Manage Users under advanced on the home screen.

2. Click Edit next to the user whose permissions you wish to edit.

3. Check or un-check the permissions you would like to manage.

4. Click Save User

How do I change a user's password?

1. Click the Manage Users under advanced on the home screen.

2. Click Edit next to the user whose password you wish to edit.

3. Enter the new password information.

4. Click Save User.

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