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PeopleSoft FAQ

How can I remove a term in PeopleSoft?

The Terms grid purposely does not have the minus sign to delete terms.  It is designed this way to provide a list of historical terms that have been integrated to be used for analytics.  Simply unchecking the Active checkbox deactivates the term.  If you want the term row removed, you would need to delete it from the PS_PRJCS_TERM table manually.

How can I update Terms in PeopleSoft so they update in Schedule Planner?

After term changes are made, the PRJCS_CRS and PRJCS_CATLOG AppEngine processes need to be run to synchronize the data in PeopleSoft with Schedule Planner.

Please navigate to the College Scheduler Processes component and initiate both AEs; they can run simultaneously. Within a minute of PRJCS_CRS completing, Schedule Planner should be fully updated to reflect the term changes.

I'm an advisor and the link to launch Schedule Planner is missing from PeopleSoft. What's wrong?

Refer to PeopleSoft Admin Guide, pages 8-10. Some troubleshooting questions: Do the Advisors have security access to the Schedule Planner jump page (PRJCS_SCHD_STRT)? For students, that same access is provided via the PRJCS_STUDENT permission list. Typically assigned to the self-service student role(s). The advisors need that same access to see the link. Advisors need the PRJCS_STUDENT permission list to be assigned. Has that been done?

How do I get the next set of courses to College Scheduler?

When you go to College Scheduler Settings from within PeopleSoft, look for terms at the bottom.

Click the '+' and add a term

When you're done with a term, you uncheck the button

The application engine needs to be run to send the new term to Scheduler.

Do you have a recommendation on how often to run the course build detail?

We recommend running the course build detail twice per day. However, if you need to run it outside of the schedule, you can run it manually.

Can students see a history of what they've enrolled for in the past?

We don't save any past transcripts or history of classes they've taken in the past or have registered for using CS.

Where does the student choose the grading basis?

Grading basis is normally chosen on the step where the student imports to their shopping cart in PeopleSoft. They do not choose the grading basis in College Scheduler. Since we are passing the desired schedule to your program that does the actual registration, the student will need to select the grading basis there.

We are thinking of opening up the Student Planner before enrollment opens. Is this something that we need to set up with you or can we just change the Student Planner dates in PeopleSoft and the class data will start to populate in Schedule Planner?

In the College Scheduler settings area in PeopleSoft, you can select one or more termcodes to be sent to College Scheduler.

How does it handle students who are in two different careers? We let students complete their undergraduate and master’s degrees simultaneously graduating with both at the same time, meaning that they have both a UG and GR career active in PS at the same time.

We can show a “Academic Career” filter which allows students to schedule for one career at a time or both careers simultaneously.

We are in the process of updating our PeopleSoft database from Oracle to Oracle 19C.  Will this work seamlessly with our current installation of Schedule Builder or do we need to do some updates to accommodate?    

An upgrade of the Oracle database should not have any impact on the College Scheduler integration.  The only possible impact is if the optimizer were to change the explain plan for the main SQL (PRJCS_EXP_HD01) for the PRJCS_CRS AppEngine program.  This can be easily overcome with a HINT to tune the SQL.  I don't expect this will happen.  Otherwise, there should be zero issues. 

How do I manage terms?

College Scheduler receives Course and Section information by gathering data from PeopleSoft using the Application Engines (see Application Engines). Seat change information is sent every minute and is controlled by the Automatic Updates inside the Admin Area (see Schedule Planner Admin Area, PeopleSoft Diagnostics). It is important to note that the Application Engines must run before new term data is reflected in the Schedule Planner. This is the case when adding or removing terms to the College Scheduler Settings Panel and when term data itself chances (i.e. courses or sections are added or cancelled). By default, these processes are run twice per day. 

How do I add a term?

1. Click the '+' icon in the terms pane.

2. Type the Term ID in the Term field or click the Magnifying Glass to search for a term.

3. Set the Term to Active by clicking the Active checkbox.

4. Click Save.

5. Run the application engines to reflect the changes.

How do I remove a term?

1. Locate the Term you wish to remove in the Terms Pane.

2. Click the minus sign next to the term

3. Click Save

4. Run the application engines to reflect the changes.

We are in the process of updating our Campus Solution database to the new release of PeopleTools 8.58.03. Do you have any new version that is needed for PeopleTools 8.58.xx?

The College Scheduler for PeopleSoft Integration in use at NTC (version is certified on PeopleTools 8.58.  

There is no requirement to upgrade the integration to support your PeopleTools upgrade.

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