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Clarity on Inactive and Active Advisor Users in Inspire

In this update:

  • Advisors and Students will notice clarity on whether a staff member user is marked as Active or Inactive in the Inspire application.

Clarity on Inactive and Active Advisor Users in Inspire

We want to make it clear to Inspire users, advisors and students, when a staff member is considered an active or inactive user in the application. Only active advisors will be visible in the following areas:

  • Searching for an appointment 
  • Writing an email message
  • Reviewing staff members in the directory 
  • Reviewing assigned advisors in the student card and profile

If an advisor is listed as an inactive user in the application, they will not show up in these areas. 

If an advisor becomes an inactive user, students and other advisor users will see a corresponding “Inactive” tag in the following areas:

  • Reviewing appointments or events in the calendar view
  • Editing an appointment with an advisor

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