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Quick Tips for Inspire-for-Advisors for COVID-19

Listed below are some ideas for how you can use Inspire-for-Advisors in response to COVID-19.

  1. Prioritize appointments for students based on persistence score. For students with lower scores, review the student detail page to inform your conversation.

  2. Provide high touch outreach to students with the lowest persistence scores—very low, low, and moderate.  High-touch outreach could include video calls, phone calls, or chat. 

  3. If the student details page shows that a student has had a downward shift in persistence, pay particular attention to the student and prioritize a follow up after the appointment.

  4. Review the inspiration and intervention factors to frame your conversation. Use the inspiration factors to understand what is positively affecting student persistence, and intervention factors to understand what is negatively affecting student persistence.

  5. On the student detail page, use the LMS data in academic background to track engagement in the students’ courses.  A lower than average grade in the course or login activity could signal that a student needs outreach or help navigating course material.

  6. Use filters on the Student Dashboard to search for students who have experienced a downward shift in probability over the last n number of days. For those students, determine if some proactive outreach is needed. 

  7. Use filters on the Student Dashboard to search intervention factors. Choose engagement factors, then filter to those students who have LMS factors contributing to negative persistence. Devise a strategy for proactive outreach to these students. 

  8. Document your interactions with students in log outreach, allowing others to see the interactions on the student detail page. 

  9. Send email messages to groups of students through the dashboard, or to individual students through their individual student detail pages.

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