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Tips for Using Your Solutions or Products During COVID-19

For Advising Leadership: 


  1. Provide high-touch outreach to students with the lowest persistence scores. Schools with overall high persistence should focus on the bottom quartiles; other schools should focus on students with very low and low persistence scores. High-touch outreach could include video calls, phone calls, or chat. 

  2. Use Illume analytics to leverage prediction scores and powerful predictors to reach out to student groups. Use the outreach functionality to send differentiated messages to students by prediction score and student group, or download the list of student names and disseminate it to appropriate advisors/student services staff for outreach. 


  1. Create a Report in the Reporting Center of students who have missed appointments. Work with your team for proactive outreach to those students. 

  2. Work with your teams to create several Dynamic Groups for their caseloads. For example, Students with Very Low and Low Persistence. 

College Scheduler®

  1. Make a smooth transition to Virtual Advising by accessing the Admin Tools of College Scheduler. Update the custom messaging on the Scheduler main screen with any text you want students to see. 

  2. Use the Sample Student Login to access College Scheduler on behalf of a student, then add the courses/breaks the student needs to take for the given term. 

  3. Engage Enrollment Optimization to manage section fill rates; these are real-time section fill rates per course. You can use this tool to change the priority of a section so it displays earlier in a student’s schedule options.


  1. Use notifications to share updates and policies, particularly around new virtual modalities and expectations for classes and engagement.

  2. Use Announcements to share tips, tricks, and resources for virtual work and staying healthy.

Degree Map®

  1. Create a customized message in the Degree Progress information box. (Connect with your Customer Success Manager if you need help adding  a message that is pertinent to students during this particular time.) 

  2. Use the Adoption Reports in Degree Map to monitor student usage and the number of courses added to plans over the remainder of the term.

For Advisors:


  1. Use Static Groups to create groups of students for whom you want to provide extra services during this time—for example, students who disclose that they are experiencing challenges or students who will be graduating this term. 

  2. Use the LMS data on the courses page to track engagement in the students’ courses.  A lower than average grade in the course or login activity could signal that a student needs outreach or help navigating course material.

College Scheduler®

  1. Use the Sample Student Login to access College Scheduler on behalf of a student, then add the courses/breaks the student needs to take for the given term. 

  2. Encourage students to log into College Scheduler and reach out to you to approve their courses after they’ve added them to their schedules. 

Inspire for Advisors® 

  1. Use filters on the Student Dashboard to search for students who have experienced a downward shift in probability over the last n number of days. For those students, determine if some proactive outreach is needed. 

  2. Use filters on the Student Dashboard to search for intervention factors. Choose engagement factors, then filter to those students who have LMS factors contributing to negative persistence. Devise a strategy for proactive outreach to these students. 

Degree Map®

  1. Use the Degree Map appointment guide for your appointment with students—to introduce students to Degree Map, or to respond to a student’s plan. 

  2. Create a plan for your students in Degree Map for the next term or two. 

  3. Use the note functionality in the Plan Card to share information with a student, and follow up by sending a link to the plan from the front page. 

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