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Sample Student Login

Sample Student Login allows advisors to easily conduct their remote advising appointments. With Sample Student Login, advisors are able to access College Scheduler on behalf of a student, and add the courses/breaks the student needs to take that term.  When the student logs into their Scheduler Planner, the courses and breaks will be waiting for them and they can generate and find their ideal schedule.

This can also work in reverse. Students can log into College Scheduler, add their courses/breaks, and then reach out to their Advisor to approve their course selection. Once approved, the student can find their schedule.

Note: The advisors email will pre-populate the Sample Student Login field. Simply delete and enter the student’s ID

  • If an advisor or student is unable to virtually meet, they can utilize the Email function within College Scheduler. 

  • To do this, an advisor would access the student’s College Scheduler via Sample Student Login, add the students courses and/or breaks, generate schedules, and email the recommended schedule to the student. 

  • Note: if you do not see an option to email on the view schedules page, please contact 

Advisor Use Cases:

  • Advisors ask the student to enter their breaks in (like work, daycare dropoff, sports practice, etc) before the advising session so you (as the Advisor) know what to work with.

Student Use Cases:

  • Students can go in before their advising appointment, add their desired courses and breaks and have their advisor confirm their selection.

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