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Appointments & Events

There are four types of content that can be created on an advising staff’s calendar or list view: 

  1. Appointment Slots: Advisors or admins can create slots of time that they are available to meet with students.

  2. Walk-In Hours: Advisors or admins can create walk-in appointments to record their walk-in meetings with students.

  3. Appointment: Advisors or admins can create a direct 1:1 appointment with a student.

  4. Event: Advisors or admins can create events for all students or they can use groups to target events. Public events are distributed to the selected student group. All information added to an Event is shown to the selected students.

Click a blank space on the grid or use the + create button to create scheduled advising hours, walk-in advising hours, book an advising appointment, or add an event. This will open a new page.

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