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Creating Walk-in Hours

Walk-in Appointment Hours are created similarly to creating Appointment Slots on the Calendar: select a portion of the day by clicking and dragging the mouse, or click the create button.

Select the tab for walk-in hours, enter the information for the required field, and click add. 

Selections Overview

Select calendar: only available for users who can schedule on behalf of other users (Director, Admin, Scheduling Manager). By default “my calendar” will be selected.

Visible to: Indicate who should be able to see walk-in hours. Users can target advising hours to system or user-generated group (static or dynamic), by removing “All students” and typing to autosuggest for their desired group name. 

Appointment Modality: Select the modalities you would like to include (in-person, phone call, virtual meeting) and update details in the location field. 

Start Date/Start Time/End Time: Review the appointment start date, start & end time, and update if necessary. 

Repeat Option: Choose to make appointment slots repeat over weeks, days or months and select the duration for each appointment slot.

Review selections and once finished, click Add. The indicated student group will see the available walk-in hours on their calendar.

Editing Walk-in Hours

Clicking Walk-in Hours on the Calendar allows you to edit those hours.

Walk-in Appointment Hours on the Calendar

Walk-in hours appear on the calendar similarly to Scheduled Appointment hours.

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