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Calendar Glossary

Appointment Modality

Appointment Modality records how the appointment took place, whether In Person, over the Phone, or Virtually. The location field changes depending on the modality to ensure a valid location is entered. The location of an appointment can be updated by the Advisor at any time after the appointment was created. 


Phone call:

Virtual meeting:

Appointment Type

Appointment Type records whether it is a Scheduled or Walk-in appointment on the calendar. 

Engagement Opportunities

If the student is matched with an engagement opportunity, the engagement opportunity field is enabled when creating an appointment and upon editing the advising note. This allows the advisor to associate an engagement opportunity with an appointment. Adding an engagement opportunity to an appointment or note will mark the engagement opportunity as “Addressed” for the student. 

Interaction Type 

Interaction Types are intended to categorize the type of interaction being recorded in an advising note for Reporting purposes.

Repeat Options

When creating an event or appointment slots, advisors will have the option to select how often the event should occur. Repeat options include: Never, daily, weekly, monthly, and every other week. Additional options will show when selecting, weekly, monthly, or every other week. 

Repeats Weekly: 

Repeats Monthly: 

Repeats Every Other Week: 

Scheduled Appointment (Schedule Ahead)

Schedule Ahead is an appointment type that allows an advisor to create a 1:1 advising appointment with an individual student. These appointments can be scheduled from available appointment slots on the calendar, the available appointments tab, or from the actions menu on the student's profile. 

Session Note (student-facing) vs. Intake Note (advising-facing)

There are two note fields available from the advisor view of creating an appointment. The session note is a note field shown to the student. The student can also edit the session note. The intake note is a note shown to students. The intake note may be used if an admin assistant if scheduling appointments on behalf of advisors, and wants to provide context to the advisor on the appointment without displaying that information to the student. Both fields are visible in the associated advising note.

Session Topics 

Session topics are used in advising notes and appointments to help categorize the content of an advising note or the purpose of an advising appointment. Session topics are shown in the appointment confirmation email, in the advising note, and are available for reporting purposes in the Reports Center. By default, Inspire will show the session topics listed below. Session topics in your application may look different depending on your configuration. 

Default Session Topics:

  • Career Exploration
  • Major Change
  • Major Selection
  • Course Registration
  • Course Withdrawal
  • Degree Planning
  • Grades
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid
  • Referral to Academic Support
  • Referral for Personal Support
  • Transfer
  • Graduation
  • Institution Withdrawal
  • Independent Study
  • Research
  • Internship
  • Study Abroad
  • Summer Engagement
  • Volunteering

Walk-in Appointments

In addition to scheduled appointments, Advisors can create walk-in appointments to record their walk-in meetings with students.

Walk-in Hours

Advisors can create walk-in appointment hours on their calendar to indicate when they’re available to meet without a scheduled appointment.

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