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Utilizing Reports

There are four standard reports in Inspire - Students, Appointments, Advising Notes, and Events. 

  1. Students: The Students Report allows you to run reports based on student characteristics. You can use it to get information on key student populations. Use cases include:
    • Create a report based on students major/college and behavioral or change related items (courses: withdrawn, alert: unresolved, or enrollment).
    • Use to better understand Advisor Assignments. Run a report for All Students, then add the Advisor column. Export and sort by Advisor to see which students do not have an assigned advisor.
  2. Appointments: The Appointments Report allows you run reports based on appointment details such as advisor, session topic, status, appointment type, and display on student calendar. Use cases include:
    • Create a report for forecasting what types of appointments advisors need to plan for.
    • Utilize the status field to determine: how many missed appointments during a term or how many scheduled upcoming appointments.
    • Report how many appointments your team is having with students.
    • Run reports to find out which students you haven't met so you can proactively engage with them.
  3. Advising Notes: The Advising Notes report allows you to run reports based on when notes were created or updated, as well as on advising notes details such as keyword, note type, authors, session topics, starred notes, and notes with attachments. Use cases include:
    • Run a report based on session type or specific keywords to understand what your team is documenting (for example, it would be good to know if it is 'withdrawal').
    • Run a report looking at incomplete appointments notes, which could be helpful for encouraging advisors to complete their notes.
    • Run a report by session topic to determine what your team is discussing with students.
  4. Events: The Events report allows you to run reports based on when events were held, student RSVP, and student attendance. Use cases include:
    • Use attendance data to plan for future events or to understand what has worked in the past to inform future planning.
    • Understand how many people are RSVPing to events and attending.

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