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Students with a more than 5% drop in persistence prediction in the last 7 days

These are active students who have shown a drop in persistence prediction by five percentage points or more within the last seven days. This seven day period is a rolling window, as persistence prediction is calculated daily.

Contextual Metrics

  • Weekly Change in Persistence Prediction
  • Start Term Year

Impactful Actions - Addressing this Opportunity

Our research has found that significant drops in persistence prediction scores by themselves are a strong signal that a student is less likely to persist to the following term. Utilizing this Engagement Opportunity, you are now able to identify students who have had a 5% or greater drop in persistence prediction score over the course of a week as a significant opportunity for proactive intervention to help students who are in a negative slide.

Group Outreach

Students that have had a small drop in persistence prediction (shown in the 'Weekly Change in Persistence Prediction' column) may benefit from outreach via the message tool. In your message, utilize motivational frameworks such as mindset, mattering, or normalizing to encourage the student to stay on a path to success and offer to assist them with any questions they may have. 

Resource Referral 

A drop in persistence prediction could signal a variety of different challenges or roadblocks a student is encountering. Ensure the student knows of the different types of resources available to them on campus - from financial aid to counseling (and more!). 

One-to-One Outreach

Students with a larger drop in persistence prediction may require one-to-one attention to identify and address their challenges. Reach out to these students via phone or email to have a conversation about any difficulties they may be facing. From there, help the student create a plan to get back on track.  

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