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Change in Persistence in Inspire

What’s New?

We’ve created new data points in Inspire to help you better support your students and identify students who may be at risk of not persisting. We’ve added Change in Persistence - informing a new field, filter, and Engagement Opportunity in Inspire. Change in Persistence will show how much a student’s persistence prediction has changed from one week to the next (over seven rolling days). For example, if a student goes from being 50% likely to persist to 30% likely to persist over the course of 7 days, this will display as a 20% downward change. 


Changes to the User Interface 


When you log into Inspire, you’ll find Change in Persistence in a variety of locations and uses: 

  • Add as a Column: Users can add Weekly Change in Persistence Prediction as a column to the Students table on the Advising Management page or when creating a report. This column displays how many percentage points a student’s change in prediction score changed over a rolling course of 7 days, and whether the score increased or decreased (denoted with an arrow). This column can be sorted by ascending or descending order. 
  • Use as a Filter: Users can filter the Students search or report to show students who have had a change in persistence greater than 5, 10, 15, or 20 percent, upward or downward. 
  • View on the Student Card: Users can now see a student’s change in persistence prediction on the Student Summary Card. You can view this information by searching for a student and navigating to the student’s profile. 
  • A New Engagement Opportunity: Users can also use the new “Students with a more than 5% drop in persistence prediction in the last 7 days” Engagement Opportunity. 
Change in Persistence Quickfilter and column on the Students page 


Change in Persistence on the Student Card 


New Engagement Opportunity 


Under the Engagement Opportunities tile, you’ll see that a new Engagement Opportunity has been added: Students with a more than 5% drop in persistence prediction in the last 7 days. This Engagement Opportunity displays active students who have shown a drop in persistence prediction by five percentage points or more within the last 7 days. This 7 day period is a rolling window as persistence prediction is calculated daily. 


In 2019, our research found that significant drops in prediction scores by themselves are a strong signal that a student is less likely to persist to the following term. Utilizing this new Engagement Opportunity, we recommend reaching out to students who have had a 5% or greater drop in prediction score over the course of a week as a significant opportunity for proactive intervention to help students who are in a negative slide. 


New Engagement Opportunity on the EO Page

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